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ManageMall is powerful mall management software, which uses the latest cloud computing technology.

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Cloud Solution for MALL MANAGEMENT

Our platform brings you agility, mobility and social enterprise. You can collaborate with your tenants easily with our built in functionality.

Our platform is scalable when you have 100 tenants or 10.000 tenants and flexible enough to be customized according to your needs. Your data is completely secure and you are the owner of it.

Mall management industry is now more mature and competition is increasing. You have to be quicker and more responsive to your tenants’ needs. ManageMall platform is very flexible and fits any size of Mall Management companies or in any part of the world. According to studies by research companies, customization and development time is 60% less than traditional software systems.

ManageMall can manage all operations of a mall from lead management to contract management and invoicing to accounting integration.

ManageMall has all functionalities below. System can manage almost every process and can integrate with your current accounting system.

•Sales Automation
•Marketing Campaign Management
•Tenant and Brand Relationship Management
•Services and Complaint Management
•Contract Management
•Invoice Management
•Tenant Self Service Portal
•Vendor Management
•Reporting, Dashboards and Analysis
•Workflows and Approval Processes
•Alarms and Notifications Management

Visual analytics using the floor plans shows exactly how you need. Decision making process is shorter and it is easier now. Any data can be accessed using ManageMall’s visual interface. Even from tablets…

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No downloads. No software to install
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